Coach Steve

Steve isn’t your traditional multisport coach. He is a full-time endurance coach who is always looking for ambitious, goal oriented Age-Group athletes to work with. While working with athletes remotely, Steve also coaches 20 Daily Training Sessions per week (Swimming, Cycling, and Running). Steve is also one of four coaches in the USAT High Performance Mentorship Coaching Program.

In 2015, 7 of his athletes qualified for 70.3 World Championships. 1 of his athletes was crowned ITU Age Group World Champion, and 5 qualified for ITU CAMTri Championships!

In 2016, Steve helped 1 athlete PODIUM at Kona and 3 athletes Qualify for Kona. 1 athlete was crowned USAT National Champion, 1 athlete was 2nd overall at USAT Nationals. 3 of this athletes competed internationally in ITU World Cup Races. Seth Rider was named 3rd overall in the Germany Triathlete Series, beating many Olympians.

Steve coaches ITU and Ironman/Non Drafting athletes. His athletes have competed at Ironman 70.3 World Championships and ITU World Championships, PATCO Championships, CAMTri Championships, and other international races. Steve has been coaching for 10 years, where he began coaching in a team environment (track and field, swimming, cross country, triathlon, softball, soccer). During this time his teams have produced countless state champions, state medals, and a state record. Many of his athletes have continued to run at a Division 1 level.

For 4 years, Steve was the High Performance Coach of the Nationally Acclaimed MMTT Junior Elite Triathlon team ( MMTT is one of the most respected Junior High Performance Teams in the Nation. MMTT is the only Junior High Performance Team in the Nation that operates daily training under one coach. The results that come out of MMTT are a result of daily teamwork.

Having worked with the top coaching companies and coaches has played an instrumental role in Steve's development. Steve has lived in Asheville & Brevard, NC as well as Tucson, AZ and now resides in Madison, WI. 

Steve is also an experienced bike fitter as well as lecturer. During his time in North Carolina, Steve gave weekly lectures to developing coaches, instructed multiple swim clinics, and cycling/triathlon camps. While in North Carolina, Steve spent time in the A2 Wind Tunnel working with athletes to optimize their ideal position and equipment choices.

As an athlete, Steve has qualified for Hawaii Ironman World Championships at Ironman Wisconsin and has qualified for 70.3 World Championships three times at Racine 70.3. Steve is a 8x Ironman Finisher (3x Ironman Arizona, 3x Ironman Wisconsin, 2x Ironman Louisville).