Steve's coaching background isn’t as linear as many of the other endurance coaches. Steve is proud of the fact that he has coached many different sports and athletes of all ability levels. Having a intense background in sport continues to shape his knowledge in movement, physiology, nutrition, and strength and condition.

Steve isn’t your traditional multisport coach. He is a full-time endurance coach who is always looking for ambitious, goal oriented Age-Group athletes to work with. While working with athletes remotely, from 2012-2015 Steve coached 20 Daily Training Sessions per week (Swimming, Cycling, Running, and Strength). Steve is also one of four coaches in the USAT High Performance Mentorship Coaching Program.

In 2015, 7 of his athletes qualified for 70.3 World Championships. 1 of his athletes was crowned ITU Age Group World Champion, and 5 qualified for ITU CAMTri Championships!

in 2016, Steve helped 1 athlete PODIUM at Kona and 3 athletes Qualify for Kona. 1 athlete was crowned USAT National Champion, 1 athlete was 2nd overall at USAT Nationals. 3 of this athletes competed internationally in ITU World Cup Races. Seth Rider was named 3rd overall in the Germany Triathlete Series, beating many Olympians.

Steve coaches ITU and Ironman/Non Drafting athletes. His athletes have competed at Ironman 70.3 World Championships and ITU World Championships, PATCO Championships, CAMTri Championships, and other international races. Steve has been coaching for 10 years, where he began coaching in a team environment (track and field, swimming, cross country, triathlon, softball, soccer). During this time his teams have produced countless state champions, state medals, and a state record. Many of his athletes have continued to run at a Division 1 level.

Good coaching is developed through years of actually coaching athletes day in, day out. Being in the trenches every day, watching movements, dealing with emotions, attitudes, and environments is what shapes professional coaches.

Having the opportunities to work with so many great teams, coaches, athletes, and companies have all shaped Steve to the coach he is today.

Steve lives in Madison, WI. 

Services I Offer:

Swim and Run Analysis- $60 Per session.

Swim lessons are broken into two sessions. The first session is the initial swim lesson where the athlete swims for 60-90 minutes and we work on their stroke. The second session is an in person or phone call where we discuss the underwater video analysis. 

Ultimate Coaching Package (Local Athletes Only) 

This package is for athletes in the Madison, WI area only. Athlete's who chose this package can receive up to 4 hours per week of in person coaching, which is 16 hours per month! 

Also, each athlete gets 1 scheduled phone call per week (upon appointment made by the athlete), unlimited email communication, TrainingPeaks analysis of Key Workouts, pre and post race discussions, power/heart rate zones, nutrition talks. 

Every year, the athlete and coach will sit down and discuss their goals for each other for the upcoming year as well receive the previous year.

Premium Triathlon Coaching: $200-250

Every athlete uses a TrainingPeaks account. This allows the athlete unlimited email communication, post workout analysis of key sessions, weekly phone calls (appointments made by athlete), pre and post race discussions, power/heart rate zones, nutrition talks. 

Basic Training Plans: $100-150

 If you are looking for a Training Plan without much feedback, then this option is for you. Steve will build training blocks every 4 weeks based off the availability of the athlete as well as ability of the athlete. Every Plan is specific to the athlete. If you use a power meter, training ranges are used as well!

Run Coaching

Like the Triathlon Coaching, we use Trainingpeaks where we develop a yearly schedule with A,B,C priority races. We plan on race nutrition and mental preparation. 


If you are interested in coaching, contact Steve at or fill out the form below. 

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