2016 Recap

2016 has come and gone.


It’s the first season since 2012 that I've been happy with. 2013-2015 are years i would like to forget. 2015 ended well with a sub 9:40 at Ironman Arizona, but the remaining 2.5 years we’re crap. I don’t regret those years because as a coach, i really grew.


2016 was my first season of full training under me and it netted me many top 10 overall finishes and a 70.3 run PB. My bike watts still remained lower than targeted which is expected. However, going into IMKY i really raised my biking fitness to an all time best, getting my FTP above 300 watts and my weight below 155lbs. Unfortunately, i showed up with lacking miles needed to put out a complete Ironman. I rode a 20 minute PB on IMKY course, granted the weather was about 30 degrees cooler. I was very happy with that ride. I also swam 1:00 which i was also happy to see. When you finish the race with a 3:5X marathon, many bathroom breaks… you finish feeling embarrassed and deflated, but as you run through the numbers, it was CLOSE to my best Ironman to date. These are the races that fuel you and educate you on what you need to become better. This Summer has been a whirlwind... moving your life from IL to Madison, running camps/clinics, traveling to races, GETTING MARRIED! Woot Woot!, Buying a home, getting a dog... SO WHAT if you crash and burn at an Ironman :)

Ironman KY Powerfile

Ironman KY Powerfile


As you can see above. the final 30-40 minutes i came tumbling down like a bag of bricks :)

2017 will not have an Ironman in it. It will be filled with local sprint and olympics and 2 70.3 (Madison and Door County). If the opportunity presents itself to do IMWI, i’ll do it… but that depends on life.




After IMKY, i took the longest break, 2 weeks OFF and 1 week of active riding. 3 weeks of no running seemed like a life time but i felt it was needed. Cindi and I went to Atlanta for the USAT Art and Science conference then vacationed in Brevard/Asheville for a week. We camped at two different sites, had minimal cell reception, rode mountain bikes in some amazing areas (DuPont, Pisgah, and Bent Creek) and went on some great hikes. 


It was the 1st time i’ve takes a complete week off of work (almost, was still checking TrainingPeaks everyday for an hour)


The 2017 season begins today, November 1.


I have my list of things i will be working on for a better 2017 season. Different forms of swim training. Some the same of and more, some new. Different running sessions, some old, but more new and alot of! and Cycling training will be entirely different.

But mainly it evolves around: 

Swim more, bike more, run more …. and some other things added in.

Oh yea, and i'll be doing the Kortie, which is 29k of skiing... I have dreams of doing the full Birkie, but i'll stick with the Kortie for now! http://www.birkie.com/

Also looking at doing USAT Winter Nationals which is a Run, Fat Bike, Ski!

Till the next one,