Week 2, Swim Talk

3 master swim sessions this week of 3,500 yards is unheard of. For many of the sessions, once we've reach 1500 I have wanted to get out... when i've gotten to these moments i've either grabbed my fins or buoy to ensure my stroke has remained positive instead of resorting to bad habits. As the week continued, my endurance progressed as well. Outside of Master’s, I put in 2 other swims per week working on my technique. Technique doesn't mean all i do are drills. There certainly are some drills in my plan (300-500 of dedicated work) but the main set of "Technique Focus Days" are 15x100 Buoy, Paddles, Snorkel. 


I am a fan of using a snorkel in your recovery, technique focused days as it allows your to focus on your catch and watch what is going on. I am a dominate right side breather so being able to work on my left arm entry and catch is very valuable for me. Being able to direct water the way i need to... where my arms are placed... hand position at entry.... utilization of my hips... all of these things are a work in progress


These aspects of my stroke that i am very focused on. Making these changes have been very tough, but am already seeing changes. Last week Friday we were doing work and was able to do 100s on a 1:20 base, hitting 1:10-12 pace. Being able to swim on a 1:20 base for more than what i was doing would be a reach, but swimming that fast will be important. I think my best, most swimming was actually Elkhart Lake and Milkman 70.3... leading into those i was able to swim 15x100 on 1:25 with buoy paddles. I also swam 1:00 at IMKY... many people would be happy with that but going into KY, i did a 2100 yard test with buoy paddles and swam under 28;00.


When i look around at what other people are swimming, i am getting destroyed by 2-3 minutes in 70.3 and 5-8 minutes in Ironman. I still dont feel "strong" in open water. This may be due to not swimming enough and not swimming enough "meat and potato" main sets...or longer open water sets. Some of this is out of laziness... someone of the reason I miss Master swims at 5:45am is because i'm up late working. But most of the reason behind this motivation stems from personal improvement. With the knowledge of knowing i haven't really applied myself to swimming, yet still being able to swim 30:00 and 1 Hour in 70.3 and Ironman racing... I gain confidence that i can be much better.


As i’m making these changes, it’s important to keep the longer repeats slow and focused so i can hold my stroke and the only fast work i am doing are 25s and 50s with decent rest. Doing short repeats with short rest is a waste. Hold your stroke and take the rest away later. 


Outside of swim training, everything else is coming along nicely. Nothing crazy, just getting the frequency going to set up the work that will start in December.