Week 1, Fail

Week 1 “back” into organized training turned more into a mix of legitimate suffering, stupid testing, recreation jogging, and more mountain biking!


You can count it, 7 hours of training! 


On Tuesday, I went and road at Speed Cycling which is Madison’s biggest indoor cycling studio. I walked into find out that the workout was a 1 minute and 5 minute power test. Now, a sensible person would not do this test considering this was the first time on their competitive bike in 4 weeks. But i decided to suffer along… i failed, it hurt, but it was awesome. 


Tuesday bike file

Tuesday bike file

The results are something i figured were true, my leg strength is lacking. I’ve known this since i was in high school. I am taking the results with a grain of salt but am still considering what i rode power wise and what i know is already true. 


-My FTP when training well is about 4.3 w/kg. On the power profile chart (see Below) that would be put me at a “Very Good Cat 2”. 

-When i did the 1min test my w/kg was 5.6, i was listed in the “untrained” on the very bottom column… not good.

-When i did the 5min test, my w/kg was 4.5…which is only slightly above my FTP. During that time, the final minute of the test my PEAK 1min Heart Rate was 190!… That is a sign that my stroke volume is quite low, i’ve never seen my HR that high!


Now, with 4 weeks of consistent riding i am sure that would naturally raise… but raising this weakness is a goal for me this off season as it will improve my FTP naturally.


On Thursday morning i went back to Speed Cycling to get in another session which included some maximal sprint and tempo work… excellent!


However, after Thursday morning i didn’t do much. Some due to work, the other due to not scheduling my days right. I have to get back into waking up at 5am to start my work day. Swimming wise, i did get in a couple swims that were filled with aerobic swimming and technique work. I didn’t feel like i was ready to jump back into Masters without a week of getting my arms moving.


I did get some under water video swimming that showed a lot of flaws in my stroke. I have multiple videos throughout the season and they all the same issue in different spots. I am fortunate to have a VASA swim trainer that i’ll be using 3xs per week to work on it. 

Routines just don't happen, you have to create them. Otherwise you will be full of inconsistency and excuses.