Christmas 2016 Is Coming!

Training is heating up!


I have been having a hard time balancing my training stress at times, I need to be better with this. There are times when i am pushing very solid watts at low efforts then the next day i am shelled. The struggle! It does feel good to be back pushing hard.


My plan for this first block of training was to establish a good rhythm of training then come January 1st i would start my 2nd block of training with priority focus (in order) on 1) vo2 max 2) sweet spot capacity 3) Leg STRENGTH in 10 second and 1min efforts. 


The Plantar Fasciitis that i was dealing with into IMKY is back again but in my right foot. It isn’t nearly as bad but noticeable. I’ve gone to a PT here in Madison, Stacey Brickson at Crono Metro. She is a baddass cyclist and a fantastic PT. We noticed that my right hip majorly externally rotates which causes a bend in my waist when i run and my hips to shift when on the saddle. Both of this adds up if you see pictures of me run, my torso is off set of my body and all of my bike fits, the fitters have said i rotate right on the saddle which caused left hamstring pain/tightness. We are working on this.


Swimming is going very well. I have been putting down some of my best swims recently! Today at Gold’s Masters we did a final main set of 3x500. 1st was buoy, paddles 2nd was buoy, 3rd was free. All of them was 6:30-35! This was big as typically my freestyle compared to paddle work is SIGNIFICANTLY different, over 5 seconds per 100 slower. I was also doing some 200s last week and all were under 2:40 on a 3:10… an excellent set.


However, when I get video of my stroke, the work Grant and I have been talking about is improving but not there yet.


  1. Hand/Elbow position still isn't there
  2. Not getting much extension on my left side
  3. Need more acceleration from my core/hips