Staying on Track!

Sticking with the plan has been going very well. Even with Thanksgiving and some holiday travel I’ve been able to stay on a good track of training.


Priority 1) really work on my weakness. After IMKY, i wrote down the things i felt i wasn't very good at. 


You often get two schools of thought. Focus on your strength or focus on your weakness. Where people go wrong with focusing on their weakness is that they let go of their strength. Finding your balance of keeping everything close is key. Then you have the people who focus on their strength by sometimes trying to fix their weakness… but they are doing too much of their strength to where they aren't getting an adaptation of the work they are doing to fix their weakness.


So what does my weakness work look like? 


Where we stand by Friday afternoon

Where we stand by Friday afternoon

In the swim, it has been my swim technique, but mainly it’s simply doing the work and yards consistently each week.


On the bike, I am taking a slightly different approach. I am continuing the work i did into IMKY that helped raise my FTP, obviously without the volume. This approach also compliments my physical weaknesses. 


On the run… Hill repeats and Tempo running… and drill work. 


In the Gym… 2 sessions a week of very hard lifting. This work will certainly help me get stronger overall. I am also adding in more athleticism work as well as plyometrics each week. Looking at where I've improved and where i haven’t, from swim/bike/run/strength i am looking to make improvements that will really translate to faster sprints-70.3s in 2017. I haven't improved my 5k speed in 10 years and that is something i’ll be looking to improve on this winter. BUT its not something im going to train specifically for, but its a huge focus.


It has been difficult to not be doing as much as i want in times past, but i am sticking on this track! The priority hasn't been improving FTP directly, its more everything around FTP right now.


Swim update… more progress! Ive uploaded two more videos from this past Wednesday and was delighted to find more improvement in what I've been looking to change. Getting a side video was very helpful! 


Wednesday I also had a consultation with a fellow triathlon coach to help analysis my swim stroke. I found this very helpful as i have my thoughts on what i am looking for, but to get a opinion from a very respectable coach who's never seen me swim was extremely valuable. I am excited to continue to work with him!


However, my running and cycling continues to improve and starting to feel very strong in these categories. Aerobic wise, my body feels like its back to where i can hold threshold watts without the extra effort. Running, just getting in 5-6 runs per week… nothing to crazy, just layering in the frequency i’m used to.


This weekend Madison Multisport practice starts which is very exciting! The team trains 4xs per week which helps with my personal training rhythm. Being able to train along side this group has been extremely helpful with making myself better. 

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