The Big Picture

The Big Picture

The race schedule is set, the goals are laid out and now it’s time to really dig into training. Most athletes are hell bent on the big picture and expect to see results overnight. Sadly, that isn’t how this sport works. Take a step back to bring things into focus as you start to ramp up your training.

Start off moderate

Resist the urge to go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. I’ve been guilty of this before. You’re so excited about your goals that you want to go all out every day. One of the reasons that periodization training works is because your body needs time to adapt to the stressors. Easy days easy, hard days hard.

Focus on strength and stability

As endurance athletes, we tend to avoid the weight room like it’s the plague. Reality check: if you want to be a better (and healthier) triathlete you’re going to need to put time into strength and stability. Most injuries are results of inefficiencies that could have been prevented with strength training and technique development.

Know your “why.”

When the alarm goes off at 5am and you’re trying to find excuses not to get into the pool, think about your “why.” What’s your ultimate goal? What’s at stake? How is this workout going to impact the big picture? Your “why” should be able to overcome anything.

The trick is to stay in the moment. If you’re continually building and progressing throughout the season, staying healthy and developing mental strength, the big picture will come together.

Coach Amanda

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