The Science Behind Fueling

The science behind fueling

Coach Amanda: 70.3 World Championship Qualifier

Infinit Becomes the Gamechanger

The Infinit Osmo-FitTM System is created around the principle of osmolality. Osmolality is the measure of density that is expressed in units known as osmoles or milliosmoles. Simply put, it refers to the combination our fueling plan the solution in your gut will be too dense to digest and you’ll feel like you just had Thanksgiving dinner. If you recall from my previous blog, my IMWI plan included a combination of five different products. The combination of stuff prevented me from taking in what I needed for the run.

Less is more: the optimal nutrition solution is the one that you can control the exact osmolality of what is in your gut. It’s virtually impossible when you’re trying to use a combination of several off-the-shelf products. Instead, Infinit’s patented system puts everything you need into one formula that you can’t mess up. After reading more about Infinit and their success with endurance athletes, I tried my hand with the Osmo-FitTM System. I answered a series of detailed questions, chose a flavor and had a formula within 10 minutes. The ideal range of osmolality is between 240-300 mosm/kg. Mine came in at 241. I felt fantastic on my first handful of rides using Infinit. But, when I ran my first brick off the bike, I noticed that I was still getting that bloating feeling. I hopped on the Infinit website and chatted with a representative. She adjusted the amount of protein in my formula from 3.7g to 1.8g. Coupled with a little more sodium this boosted my osmolality to 291.

Fast forward to IM Steelhead 70.3 in August 2016. Infinit was a gamechanger. For someone with a sensitive stomach, I always expected to have a little discomfort on the run. Nope, not with this custom formula. I felt great on the bike…and OFF the bike. The right type of training and fueling plan led to an excellent ride and I finally put together a solid run. It resulted in a qualification to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Fueling is the fourth sport of triathlon. Through experience, it’s clear that it makes or breaks your race. Based solely on my results, I’m a die-hard Infinit supporter and highly suggest checking it out if you haven’t already.


Key Takeaways

  1. Be scientific- don’t just guess what your hydration, calorie, carbohydrates and sodium needs are. Reach out to a coach, nutritionist or Infinit representative to help you calculate the exact numbers.
  2. Practice your fueling plan- Nothing new on race day. Try different formulas. Use them during different conditions and record how you felt.
  3. Less is more- Osmolality. The less stuff you have in your fueling plan the easier it is going to be on your gut and from a logistical standpoint.


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