Race faster and endure longer without adding more miles: just train your brain.

In college, my track coach introduced me to the concept of visualization training. I’ve been using this unique type of training ever since. You might feel a little silly at the start. But when you buy into the process, visualization provides a major benefit to your training.  

How to visualize:

Find a quiet place without distractions and sit or lay comfortably. Consciously think about relaxing every muscle. Think about the best race you’ve ever had. Picture the course, the environment, how you felt, the spectators, overcoming every obstacle. Now picture your upcoming race. Imagine every detail from the time your alarm goes off to crossing the finish line.

The good, the bad and the ugly:

Visualizing the perfect race puts you in the moment and helps you develop your race strategy. Obviously, we all dream of the perfect race. But, what happens when that’s not reality? How are you going to react to the event? Crumble and quit? Or maintain composure and find a solution to the problem?

Pick a few motivational words or phrases:

I always end my visualizations with a few of the phrases I use when things get tough. For me, “you owe it to yourself” has the largest impact. When race day comes, I know that I need to get everything I can out of my body. I need to make the sacrifices and countless hours of training pay off. If you can remind your body what’s at stake, you will always walk away from a race knowing you left it all out on the course.