Endurance Athletes and Strength Training

Below is a good read on what endurance athletes need to be looking at when talking strength training. HOWEVER, this type of lifting is hard and has a technical component that MOST have never learned. But when you add this to your training, you will go faster. Coaching elite athletes everyday, I incorporate speed and power work weekly. It's a must to improve. We don't stop in season, we keep it as I view it as fundamental .

a good coach knows how to teach athletes how to use what was learned and applied in the strength exercise in how to use that in running. I have seen direct connections from the strength in the weight room to distance running... But you need a good coach to know how to teach it and transfer it to running. 

its a process but again it isn't a process. If you wait to progress it, the understanding is lost. You progress it together, you don't develop a hanger, progress them tomorrow. Transfer and load.


Athlete Longevity

I posted a similar post on the junior team that i coach's wall and wanted to share. a short but great article.

This topic is something i am passionate about. Its the most important, not talked about "injury" in sport. You have to enjoy what you're doing. I love what i do and am grateful i work with young athletes and adult athletes. This is something i see and want to promote. At the end of the day, world class athlete to beginner...if you want to do well, you have to love what you do. It has to be enjoyable. You have to be able to work EXTEMELY hard while loving every second of your workout. Hope you enjoy.

When i read this article, i think of athlete longevity in a sport. Hasay has been in the spotlight for years. She has been in the publics eye since she was young. We have seen her succeed and also fail. and fail more times than shes succeeded. This reaks havoc on an athletes confidence. The other athlete she talks about, is gone.

Breaking 10min in the 2 mile for a high school female is legit, so both are equally as talented. What separates the longevity of a legit athlete? Their mindset. Their ability to roll through months and years of NOT improving but still believing. Months of injuries but still believing. Being good once is easy, but being good, not so good, ok, average, hurt, great again, hurt over an entire season and still fighting takes courage. Athletes who burn out, don't adapt to these qualities. BUT you can adapt to these qualities. You don't need to be a type a athlete to be great, its typically the Type As that see success early, but crash. It's the type bs that can relax and see long term while wanting to kick ass everyday.

Patiently Aggressive is what i call them. The quite ones.

Competing at a high level in any sport is very hard, its not easy. like the old saying, "if it were hard, everyone would be doing it" but it rings true. If you can't handle set backs, if you can't understand them and work through them. you will never be successful. sport or life. learn to be consistent.

Take a triathlon for example. Short term consistency. If you have a bad swim, if your bike power isnt happening, if you don't feel good right away in the run... what is your first reaction? what will you do? quit? relax?

In the Clermont Pro this past week, the men's winner came from the 2nd pack, not the first group. He had to have doubts if he would win, he may have been content with 3rd. He probably didn't even know he would win until the final 3 minutes of the race! That is experience shown in an athlete. to stay poised in a high pressured situation, not quit, and stay focus on what he needs to do. to have the best effort possible... and he won. Sport is crazy

"I’m excited not by the time itself necessarily, but the reminder that if I continue to stick with something, an impossible goal really can eventually become an accomplished dream."